Thursday, 9 May 2013

Eco-friendly Log Home Lifestyle - FinEstAm Log Cabins

To get away from the curse of concrete life requires engagement with the fresh air of the country side. Whether one loves long country walks, horse riding, fishing or just rest and relaxation in the lap of nature; a countryside log home endows with modern comforts in an inspirational setting; allowing one to experience life at his pace.Log homes and log buildings generally are acknowledged to be suitable for rural locations and holiday destinations; it is not unusual anymore to find log cabins in less rural locations too. Also now log houses have many more uses and can be used anywhere without being an eyesore. Log cabins are used for many different applications these days and they are not necessarily holiday related or in rural applications.

When one wants retirement; a log home can well give him the ability to grab what he wants from life. One could even find that moving to his very own log home might unchain the property equity, free up some cash and keep him in control as he heads towards retirement. The retired life will give rich dividends if one can enjoy the happiness in the rest of the life. Log homes are a piece of ecstasy. Once one has held a piece of land in a perfect seaside location, riverside outlook, rural area, hillside scenery or park location; he will want to choose a log home that will go well with his requirements. Log homes, mobile log homes and family-sized country house appear in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to make best use of living space and layout.

Log cabins

Living in Log home is in harmony with the surroundings and complements the natural beauty of the view or location; while at the same time ensuring the very best comfort and luxury. Log buildings are the most Eco-Friendly method of house building, as all the materials come from sustainable sources in Estonia and Finland and need minimal maintenance to last forever.

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Thursday, 28 March 2013

A living solution that is environmentally sound

In today's world we hear more and more about the importance of sustainability and longevity of natural resources. Caring for the environment has now been for a long time not an option anymore but a must. 

We at FinEstAm Log Cabins help create a better world producing the most ECO friendly method for house building with all the materials coming from sustainable sources and with the need of minimal maintenance to last indefinitely. Also all materials are recyclable making log homes and log cabins a very efficient way to make your contribution to the environment.